Trainings for 2021

We are back ready to tackle the new challenges and opportunities brought about due to this Pandemic. This new year will be like no other as we are all challenged by Covid restrictions affecting our everyday lives. MKPQLD as a Community have had to re-evaluate what it is we are offering in relation to supporting men through these very challenging times.

The New Warrior Training Adventure is still unavailable because of the Covid restrictions and lockdown as is most of our Next Step trainings.

First tentative steps – With our flagship training unavailable we have decided to run a smaller and very effective training we are calling our New Way of Being Adventure training. This Weekend complies to Covid requirements and introduces new opportunities for men to become better men.

In 2020 we participated on the Black Dog Ride Queensland to help raise awareness around Depression and Suicide prevention. From that experience we have now created a more easily accessible training that complies with Covid rules and introduces the Mankind Projects trainings to more communities across Queensland.

We have called this new training “A New Way of Being Adventure” and it is now available in South East Queensland in 2021.

If it is time for you to re-look at where you are at in your life – if you are 40 and wondering where to now, If you are 28 and wondering “if I don’t stop living like this I will be dead” or, are you approaching 50 and starting to realise that you are about to step into Eldership, then this is the Weekend for you to find some answers and work towards becoming a better man!

Come and join the most advanced Men’s group on the planet. We support men on their life’s journey – not just over a weekend!