** UPDATE – Trainings for 2021

We are back ready to tackle the new challenges and opportunities brought about due to this Pandemic.
2021 will be like no other as we are all still challenged by Covid restrictions affecting our everyday lives. MKPQLD as a Community have had to re-evaluate what it is we are offering in relation to supporting men through these very challenging times.

Because of Covid and its restrictions MKPQLD have had to suspended our Flagship training “The New Warrior Training Adventure” in 2020 and 2021 so far – at least until there are vaccine results happening. These hard yet responsible decisions were made to ensure the safety of our Initiates and the staff at our NWTA trainings.

The gold that has come from Covid is that we have now created a new training that is NOT as affected by the Covid regulations. Still complying and Covid safe this new training brings connection, men learning to trust themselves and others, and provides a great adventure over a two day weekend. 

The discovery, after conducting this new training, has shown us a new way to introduce men to our work. Now the process is, as men step onto the Mankind Project Journey in Queensland, they attend the NWOB training, gain deep insights into themselves, which provides them with the mental fortitude and ability to step up into our Flagship training the New Warrior Training Adventure in a more focused and empowered way.

New Warrior Training Adventure

The next New Warrior Training Adventure is still unavailable because of the Covid restrictions and lockdowns as is most of our Next Step Leadership Trainings. However we are planning for a July NWTA and a one in November NWTA in 2021. We are hopeful they will both go ahead, however we are concerned that the July training will be disrupted because of the lack of Covid Vaccinations etc.

NWTA Trainings 2021

July 9-11 2021 – ** Update 15 April 2021 – MKP-QLD have decided to cancel the July NWTA Training due to Covid 19 restricting the safe operation of the NWTA event.

November 12-14 2021 we remain very confident that this training will go ahead! Register For November Training Here from 1st August 2021!

New Way Of Being Adventure

In 2020 we participated on the Black Dog Ride Queensland to help the Black Dog Ride organisation raise awareness around Depression and Suicide prevention in Central Qld – from that experience, seeing the high need for Mental Health Support in Rural Qld, we have now created a new training that complies with Covid rules and helps us to introduce the Mankind Projects Trainings and support structures to more communities across Queensland.

We have called this new training “A New Way of Being Adventure” and it is now available in South East Queensland from February 2021.

Our First New Way of Being Adventure training was held in February this year and was an amazing success.

If it is time for you to re-look at where you are at in your life – if you are 40 and wondering where to now, If you are 28 and wondering “if I don’t stop living like this I will soon be dead” or, are you approaching 50 and starting to realise that you are about to step into Eldership and life may be passing you bye, then this is the Weekend for you to find some answers and work towards becoming the man you always wanted to be!


Come and join the most advanced Men’s Group on the planet.

 We support men on their life’s journey – not just over a weekend!