Thank you for arriving here to support our Organisation.

MKPQLD is a not-for-profit Charitable Trust and holds DGR status which means all donations are tax deductible above AU$50.

We have created this donation page to allow people like youself who are willing to support others discreetly and for you to be secure in the fact that your funds are clearly directed to help men and families in the very near future.

MKPQLD is in the process of setting up our Queensland operations to provide support services to front-line organisations such as Lifeline, Mensline, DV Connect etc. in their fight to reduce Domestic Violence and Suicide in our Queensland Communities.

We are actively creating liaisons with organisations screaming out for this kind of support. We have re-designed our services to be able to go out to the communities and provide strong supportive direction for men in need with no charge to them or their communities.

We are building our infrastructure to meet these needs and we have trained men to be able to support men suffering from loneliness, anger and sadness as a result of the ravages of drought/fire and pandemics.

Our 2020/2021/2022 program now includes taking our services to Rural and Semi-Rural communities throughout Queensland.

Due to the Pandemic crippling our country we have allocated 2020 to building trailers and support services as well as continue to train our people ready for 2021.

Your tax-deductible contribution goes directly towards this infrastructure build and the materials required to help us do exactly that. 

Please feel free to communicate with our senior personnel, email  or call 1300 MKPQLD – (1300 657 753) if you require further information or have a specific area you wish to donate to.

“Once again – your tax-deductible donation/gift will help save lives… Thank You!”.

Please see the attached form where you can contribute any amount you feel drawn to donate. Once complete a receipt will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

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