What does leadership for the 21st Century look like for the New Warrior? Discover how the Burden and Blessing of Leadership shows up in your life? Come and explore how your ‘Authentic Servant Leader’ can recreate a new way of being in the world and in LT3 you will discover a deep sense of awareness and authentic leadership rarely seen in men’s trainings.



LT1: Learning to lead groups and build strong teams with positive interpersonal relationships and Includes a multicultural awareness training on heterosexism. The follow-up integration of this unique leadership training is a seven-week online course to ensure proper integration of the course.

LT1 is a 2-½ day live-in training and is led by two LT1 Leader Trainers and a senior staff. It is a Lover quadrant training with the context set by the Process Question: “Do we have a container?”. LT1 takes a deep look at safe and strong containers: How to build, maintain, support through challenges and then release containers. The processes covered include: Introduction to Feelings, the Gift, “What’s at Risk” and Hero’s Journey.



LT2: Holding and handling the burden of leadership, how to handle the challenges of leadership and includes learning how to discover a New Way of Being a man in today’s world. There is a deep look at our multicultural training on classism and elitism. A seven week follow-up ‘Whatever it Takes’ online program ensures the integration of this unique training.

LT2 is a 2-½ day live-in training and is led by two LT2 Leader Trainers and a senior staff and is a Warrior quadrant training.

The context is set by the Process Question: “What are your blessings and burdens of leadership?”. The ‘Burden Process’ continues to be a mainstay in this training. Key covenanted processes covered are: Accountability and Mission and Crossroads.



LT3: Examining the perpetrator and victim within all of us as Leaders. Creating deep awarenesses of who we really are and what drives us as men. A deeper dive into multicultural training on sexism and how it affects our very being.

LT3 is a 2-½ day live-in training and is led by two LT3 Certified Leader Trainers, two Certified Leaders and a very senior staff. It is intended to serve men moving into leadership positions within all areas of MKP. It is a King’s quadrant training and addresses the Process question: “Who or what is an authentic servant leader?”.

This training offers a deep look at our Victim/Perpetrator shadow that gets in the way of our leading.

The covenanted processes taught are: Sensei and Mission.



Men’s Circles/I-Group Facilitation is the art of directing a process in which a man discovers a deeper truth about himself, others and the world.



The IGLT is an advanced training program for facilitating highly effective men’s support groups. Our I-Groups/Men’s Circles are peer to peer facilitated groups where men have developed well proven skills handed down over 35+ years of men supporting men around the world.

In Queensland IGLT is a 12-month commitment of “on the job learning”. It also has 3 x one day Training workshops where men practice/learn the practical skills needed to hold men safe. These IGLT Men will have an opportunity to practice their facilitation skills in eight processes, being the facilitator, being facilitated and being an observer.

IGLT is designed to support men who wish to learn how to hold space within an I-Group/Men’s Circle. It is the stepping point where a man can decide to enhance his skills in the I-Group/Men’s Circles, become an IGLT facilitator and commit to staying focused on supporting men in our local Men’s Group environment only OR he can make a conscious choice to progress into Certified Leadership of the Project.

IGLT men learn how to facilitate time proven processes, designed to support any man sitting in the circle. He will learn to listen to men, learn to have empathy and understanding and he will learn about holding space for men to do their work and in time develop the skills of holding space by connecting to what is known as the “spirit of this work”.

The IGLT program is a fully supported hands on learning experience. The program starts at the beginning of each year with a graduation at the end of that year.

Planned activities give deep insights into supporting IGLTs to advance their abilities, see what it really takes to provide men of every persuasion, from every walk of life, to be able to sit in circle and feel safe, heard and supported.

IGLT is open to men who step into their leadership within the I-Group/Men Circles. There is a support structure leading into IGLT and that is known as IGFT or I-Group Facilitator Trainee. This is when a man who wants to step into his leadership can do so by supporting the group locally and stepping into the organisational roles within the groups.