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This dynamic training weekend is for you if you are;

  •  Feeling like you are “bumbling along in life”,
  •  Living a life without purpose
  •  Not holding or setting boundaries and allowing others to control or dictate your everyday existence?
  •  You often give away your power just to keep the peace?
  •  Noticing the gap between who you say you are and how you actually show up?
  •  Often think “If only I could find the courage to do things differently in my life”?

 These questions, if left unanswered, will hold you back from living to your full potential as a man.

Our intention is to support you and educate you on an experiential weekend that will move you from wherever you are – to a place where you want to be. We do this by walking with you, shoulder to shoulder, as the strengths you have had all along are revealed.

We have found over the past 35 years of doing this work around the world, that living from your authentic values and core beliefs recreates the genuine purpose a man needs in his life.

During this weekend you will deeply confront your resistance of being stuck at the crossroads in your life and have to figure out what’s been getting in the way of you moving forward in your life, and you will learn how to take tangible steps to build the world you want around you.

We, as men, lose sight of our power to create and impact our world, and it shows:

Depression and anxiety are at an all-time high in men.

  • Suicide is a silent epidemic impacting man across all ages and backgrounds.
  • Outside our doors, communities and institutions are struggling.

Now there is something you can do about it as you journey from where you are NOW… to the place where you want to be!

This training is an introduction to a potential new way of being as you move ahead from the “Crossroads” in your life’s journey.  It is now time to choose which road you take and the choice is YOURS!

 Is it time for you to start to:

  • learn new ways of being a man?
  • learn how to be decisive?
  • learn how to direct your life in a good way?

If you answered YES to just one of these questions, then this weekend training is for you! It will confront the very core of your resistance and you will be empowered to choose a new way forward.

What you’ll get:

·     A space where men get real.

·      A deeper awareness of self.

·      Communication tools that work.

·      A deep connection to self.

·      A brotherhood of connection with like-minded men.

·      Access to The ManKind Project Queensland Men’s Groups

·      Preference to enrol in our flagship men’s training The New Warrior Training Adventure.

What it is:

·     Maximum 15-20 participants per training.

·      Trained facilitators – staff of 15-20 men.

·      Two consecutive days in the beautiful rural Queensland bush.

·      High impact resources and practices to take home.

·      Access to our private Facebook group.

Confront your resistance – Break into your brilliance.

This training is a commitment. Our intention is to move you – from wherever you are – to a place that you want to be. We do this by walking with you, shoulder to shoulder, as you reveal the strengths you have had all along. You may not be able to see them right now, however, having worked with over 5,000 men in the last 20 years, we know you’ve got them and we know where to find them!

We’re here to support and get you the tools you need and then connect you to a community of men deep-down you’ve been longing for.

We assist you to create your own “toolbox”, then fill it with “tools” that you can continue to draw upon and use to create the world and relationships you want in your life. You will connect with other like minded men also willing to do whatever it takes to feel what it’s really like to be a Man in today’s world.

What next…

If needed call – Enrolment Manager: 1300 MKPQLD (1300 65 77 53)

or email enrolments.qld@mankindproject.org.au