The Lodge Keepers Society

Gratitude. We Honour Our Connections and LKSI

The Lodge Keepers Society International and the work they perform through the Purification & Renewal at the New Warrior Training Adventure reminds us of our connection to all things. We honor the men of the LKSI and how they support us, in so many ways. They do not seek recognition for the work they do.

For many new Brothers, the purification and renewal (P&R) ceremony at the New Warrior Training Adventure offers a profound awakening. The P&R ceremony is supported across Queensland and Australia by a group of men quietly living the giveaway in service to healing men. This is the Lodge Keepers Society International.

LKS men’s jobs are many and are often go unnoticed. Oftentimes their work is done at considerable giveaway of men’s time and energy.

  • Obtaining the rocks, firewood, and sacred herbs
  • Building and repairing P&R sites and preparing the site for the NWTA
  • Holding the energy of the below through all NWTA activities.
  • Watching for shadow and increasing consciousness of spirit in all circles they attend.
  • Teaching and Mentoring all men wishing to learn the P&R Ceremony.

These men walk the path ensuring that our P&R ceremonies are done in a good way, congruent with our intent, grounded in acceptance of all beliefs and nonbelief, and honoring the legacy of ceremonies and teachings that inspired its creation.

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