Men’s stories’ on how MKP has assisted in changing men’s lives moving forward to where they were in life to what they are doing now in supporting their communities, and making a difference in the world Also check out our New Face Book Page and see real men stepping up into their communities

Duncan’s Bio

Duncan Burns and from the age of 15 started suffering with depression, first drug addiction and suicidal ideology.

At the age of 20 Duncan was involved with an outlaw motorcycle gang. Over the next 9 years Duncan had multiple drug addictions and faced death many times, culminating in this Man being shot dead and brought back at the age of 29, just after the birth of his first child and was diagnosed with chronic PTSD and severe depression, after leaving that lifestyle.

Duncan then worked in the mines for 7 years, burying his head in work and raising his 2 daughters, choosing not to work on his mental health issues and healing himself, which ended up with me being addicted to ‘ice’ for 3-4 years and the breakdown of the relationship with the mother of his girls in 2014.
This relationship ended up being very toxic, due to both side not dealing with their issues and became physically violent at the end as well.

Duncan lived in his car for 4 months at this stage and pretty much attempted suicide twice. This is when Duncan started reading self-help books and fasting and cold-water therapy.

In 2015, he became a youth worker and met the mother of his son soon after and once again this relationship turned extremely toxic due to both parties having mental health issues and not working on themselves. When the breakup of this relationship started, Duncan became involved with men’s work and has been involved with shadow work for the last 4-5 years and now co-facilitate men’s circles. 

Also during his years as a youth worker, Duncan worked with disengaged youth and was the case manager for the QPS Exit program, supporting ex-gang members transitioning out of that lifestyle and jail, to transform their lives.
For the last 2 years, Duncan also worked as a residential youth worker for Safe Places for Children and now working with the Community Justice Group for Logan, supporting Indigenous peoples through the court system.

Duncan now has a diploma of community services and a qualified NLP practitioner and a coach


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