Well, you are looking at the product of a lot of hours and hard work…
Many men have contributed to this new website over a long period of time.

This website provides and will provide a myriad of interests and ideas from our members. What you see at present is a small representation of what this site will look like in the future. 

The idea is to keep this site as an active UpToDate place for our members to visit and stay connected, most websites are simply advertising for an organisation or a product – this one is and will continue to be a go-to place for the Men of Queensland.

The reason for MKPQLD

MKP Australia is a mix of diverse yet full connected men intent on one outcome… the services our organisation offers to all men across Australia. 

As we have regionalised the organisation from a top down structure to a regional based one, we have seen emerge a place where the sovereignty and cultural differences that exist within each region/s has been allowed to expand and grow.

MKP Australia (https://mankindproject.org.au/) represents the organisation that we brought to Australia in November 2000. The richness  and diversity of who we are lives in the philosophy and passion of thousands of men across this nation.

MKP Queensland offers that same approach to the work but on a more localised and hands on way. Queensland offers such diverse challenges and to that end bringing them to a group of Queenslanders to solve is the objective of this site.

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