Just men sitting around the fire...


Covid replacement training turns out to be a huge success.

Great venue at “The Rock” Mt Byron this training was an absolute winner when it comes to participant s getting value for effort. Using our proven processes the weekend provided deep insights into what needed to be dealt with and gave the men attending practical “tools” to use when they went home to their families. To a man there was great acceptance of the processes and appreciation for the effort the staff went to to ensure a great result.


“Loved how interactive it was, Loved no phones, I feel like a totally different person walking out, I have a yearning to do the NWTA, I am much more aware of my self and my shadows, I am much more in control of my life”

RM Brisbane

My family life has changed dramatically in a short amount of time, my wife seems so much happy and relaxed as we now have open real conversation with each other meaning we can work through things without the harmful arguments. So much better when you stop and listen to what loved ones are trying to say

DF Sunshine Coast

I have an overwhelming feeling of having a real chance of getting back to my true self, I have a lot of fear that it will all end, and I will go back to my old ways. Turns out this is not possible with a support network the mankind project provides with the weekly I-group meetings.

EF Gold Coast



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