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New Warrior Training Adventure





Men of Below


Email Rules



Iron John

Mankind Project Contacts

Queensland Council

President –  Tom Caruso | | 0431 485 560

Treasurer – Ryan Matthewman | | 0430 801 277

Secretary & AdministrationScott Grimmett | | 07 5346 0350

Councilor / SC Leader Body RepBrooke Lucas |  | 0466 439 557

Councilor / AU MOB Rep – Aaron Thomson | | 0404 202 284

Councilor / SC Elder RepTony Zuino |  | 0403 220 518

Councilor  –  Chris Spies |  | 0407 324 012

Councilor Darren Poyner | | 0411 157 077

Councilor  Jay Wessels | | 0458 740 722

Councilor Kiel Abraham | | 0422 368 478

Councilor  Robert Tichelaar | | 0411 233 100

Queensland Men's Circles



Tuesday (Weekly) from 7pm to 10pm
48-52, Nerang St, Gold Coast

More details - Chris Spies 0407 324 012




Thursday (Weekly) from 7pm to 10pm
Uniting Church Hall, 2131 Gympie Rd, Bald Hills

More details - Geoff 0407 235 100




Tuesday (Weekly) from 7pm to 10pm
Mustang Owners Club of Australia
Jean Howie Drive, 481 Wynnum Road, Morningside

More details - Ryan 0430 801 277




Monday (Fortnightly) from 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Nambour Community Centre, 2 Shearer St, Nambour

More details - Anthony 0402 269 998




Thursday (Weekly) from 7pm to 10pm
Girl Guides Hut,118 Vendale St, Moorooka

More details - Aaron 0402 202 284




Thursday (Fortnightly) from 7pm to 10pm

More details - Simon 0459 755 553


Message from the President

Welcome to the Queensland community.

We are a group of committed men intent on making this world a safer place for our Women and Children to live. We have been doing this work for “centuries”… and we have been doing this work in Australia and in particular, Queensland since the turn of this century, the year 2000.

Many men have passed through the organisation and many have stayed to support the “next man”.

Some men take the gifts they received and never return – we like to think that he takes those gifts and creates a better world for him and his family.

For the ones that stay, the world becomes an even better place, simply because these men take the time to support others with their effort and dedication in giving back. This process reaps benefits for him and for his family and his community.

Whichever of these men you are, I want to welcome you to the journey. You have taken a huge step in the rhythm of life as you have changed it forever for your future generations.

Someone said to you on the weekend “that your life as you know it will never be the same again” that is one thing I can guarantee to be true – in a good way.

The principles of accountability, integrity and congruence, the awareness and the commitment to yourself to be the gift that you are over this past weekend, took you to a place that in my guess is where you have never been to before… AND importantly, you will never go back to that place you were at, ever again.

If you choose to stay around the community, please feel free to connect with me and the men in our Council. We are so keen to meet you and get to know the men who come through this amazing training and community.

So welcome, stay a while, enjoy the journey with us. You have joined a committed group of men intent on changing this world of ours “one man at a time”.

Whatever circumstances prevail for you right now, you will always be an initiated man in a world wide organisation determined to help create “Better Men” and a better world for our children – one man at a time.


Mankind Project Introduction

Who are we?

ManKind Project (MKP) Queensland is affiliated with the Mankind Project Southern Cross which is a region of ManKind Project International, which began in the U.S.A. in 1985. Over 70,000 men in 23 countries around the world have attended the New Warrior Training Adventure. Our Australian organisation was brought here from the USA in December 2000 and since then has initiated more than 4,000 men. There are Communities set up throughout Australia – WA, QLD, NNSW, NSW, and VIC.  Our first Australian training was at Eagle Heights on Mt.Tamborine, Queensland in December 2000, and now we do this training at Koonjewarre, Springbrook, Queensland.

The ManKind Project

The Mankind Project Queensland, Inc. is a registered charity and a non-profit organisation registered with the Australian Charities & Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC). All fees paid for attending the weekend are all directed to fund our activities and our accounts are open to inspection by any new brother/member. The organisation has an extensive IT presence and you will be added to both the Broadcast and Community email lists automatically now that you have become a New Brother


Within the first week after the training, login details to the member’s area will be sent to the email address given at registration. This MKP Community platform will allow you to connect with Men, Groups, Councils, etc. around the world.

If you did not receive your details in the first week please contact

Once you become a New Brother you are then entitled to attend and staff ANY future NWTA trainings in Australia and around the world.

Your First Training Event following the Weekend

The Mankind Project Queensland conducts what we call Primary Integration Training or (PIT) following the NWTA you just finished!

These training sessions are conducted over a two-day (non-residential) PIT Intensive Weekend usually in the Southeast Queensland area.

You will have received a link to the flyer with the post-training email you received. Availability for your PIT training depends on the demographics of the bunch of brothers coming through the training and the men available to conduct the PIT course!

Your First Staffing – “Rookie” Training

It is recommended and highly encouraged that you staff the next NWTA in your area, immediately following your training. This “Rookie” training is considered by most warrior brothers as the most significant and important training following their initial NWTA.

Please contact the Staff Coordinator to register a.s.a.p. All men pay a subsidised fee of around $250 to staff a NWTA.

Get involved!

Over 4000 men have completed their New Warrior Training Adventure here in Australia and this training continues to run each year in 5 communities across Australia. Prior to each weekend we may host Introductory Evenings (“Open House events”) to demonstrate to potential New Brothers what the NWTA and MKP Queensland are all about and many iGroups are open to men who want to find out more.

Leadership Trainings

The scope for further training is being increased all the time. There are a number of trainings designed to enhance and build upon your first weekend. As well as our worldwide flagship training, the New Warrior Training Adventure, the ManKind Project conducts courses including Staff Development Training (learn what the weekend you just completed actually is about), and Leadership Training courses (courses designed to teach leadership in your life and within our Organisation).  Some of these ‘next-level’ leadership trainings include:

  • Staff Training (ST) 1 and 2
  • Leadership Training (LT) 1, 2 and 3
  • I-Group Facilitation Training (IGFT)
  • Guts Training

There are many other opportunities for personal growth within the MKP Queensland including a strong Elder group (50yrs+) and our Men of Below as well.

There are also many other opportunities to get involved within our Queensland Community on a local Council or Community level.

Your involvement is welcome

Your ideas are sought

Your participation is invited

What now?

Many men find their weekend a life-changing event. Following the weekend, you are invited to join an Integration Group or what we call an “I-Group”, if you have not done so already.. It is an ongoing group of men (in a lot of cases men who you did your weekend with, plus other trained and experienced men) who meet regularly to work together and support one another. These groups aid you to integrate the discoveries you’ve made on your weekend into your everyday life. You will find the I-group contact information page in this packet.  As well as online at

Many men have been in I-group for over 10 – 15 years and attend every week – life challenges us all and being together and sharing these challenges ensures support and clarity around issues that come along in our lives.

Buddy Connection

You have been allocated a “Buddy” from the weekend. This is the man that contacted you before the weekend and he will continue to contact you for around three to four weeks after the training… in some cases men connect and become close friends through this “buddy contact”. Discuss with your buddy anything that may be troubling you or you don’t understand, and IF he cannot help, he most definitely will find someone who can.

Please ensure that you stay connected to your brothers from the weekend (as some may not have partners or family etc. to talk with). You have been supplied a list of names of the brothers with whom you initiated, as well as the staff of your weekend.

There is NO reason to be alone or confused with what is happening to you. Simply call your buddy first, then any man on that list if you are struggling with ANYTHING from the weekend OR from what may come up for you following the weekend.

We are here to help and support you from now on!

Social Connections

There will also be opportunities to meet and connect with other brothers socially, to provide acts of service to your local community as well as simply hanging out together socially. The email list/s and I-groups will help you connect with men to ensure you stay connected

Getting and Giving Help

Part of being a mature man is being able to ask for help or support from other men.

Another part is being able to offer it.  If you need support or help then please ask. Please ask your Buddy to have you added to the WhatsApp Community or go into WhatsApp and ask to be added. From this Community you can also ask to be added to any or all of the I-Group WhatsApp lists.

There is a community of men willing to offer all that they can.

If you are able to offer help, please do so. There are always places where your particular expertise is needed especially on the Community Administration side of things (please speak to the community Chairman/President).

Any help/support you can offer makes it easier for the next man to come along to our training. Professional skills like marketing & social media, grants & fundraising, information technology, administration, secretarial, financial expertise etc. are some of the areas you can help with as you grow into this organisation.  If you are interested in how MKP Queensland Association is organized and managed, you are invited to become an observer on the Leadership Council.  To get involved in any of these ways contact the MKP Queensland President at or request to be added to the WhatsApp Group working on one or more of these areas.

Some men have expertise in these areas and others have the ability to support events, and others have professional skills able to assist us in bringing this amazing event to more and more men within our communities.

Are you that man? 

If so, contact our President- 

Other Resources

Our web site address is  If you have email and access to the internet then this site will be an invaluable resource.

If you did not supply your email address when signing up for the weekend, please contact our Administrator at so you can be added to the MKP Queensland Email List.

Thank you and welcome to MKP Queensland !

Mankind Project – QLD Elders

Eldership Matters

New Warrior Brothers: MKP has a very strong appeal to men of all ages and very often we find older men (that is men above 50+) wanting to participate and commit to supporting others to find what it really means to become a “Better Man”.  Men over the age of 50 wanting to give back to their communities or simply wanting to sit in a circle with the Elders is enough. Whatever way, we have something to offer you!

Our organisation is called the MKP Queensland Elder Body. We are a constituency of the Mankind Project Queensland and MKP Southern Cross. We see our role as one of support, guidance, nurturing and listening to the younger men – especially those who have not had a “Father Figure” in their lives.

We Elders hold this role seriously and take it on with a great degree of responsibility. Men can become Declared Elders by stepping into their circle and claiming their Elder energy.  We also offer Elder leadership paths within the Elder group towards becoming a Ritual Elder. These individuals hold an important space of Ritual within our weekends and within our communities.

There are Elders serving in all phases of our MKP worldwide organization.  We are keen for men to become involved in the processes just mentioned and we are happy just to have men come along and simply “be” in the Elder Space. 

Usually it is calm, relaxed and supportive. Not all men want to be doing “stuff” – so eldership is a way to offer a kind of support that suits those individual’s needs and wants. Seek out any Elder man with whom you can connect. Find out what the Elders in your local New Warrior Community are doing. 

The Elder contact person in MKP Queensland is:

Leo Botham | 0418 223 395 |

Please get in touch with him if you are over 50 years old and feel a call of involvement in the community as an Elder.

Men Of Below (MOB)

During the ‘Purification and Renewal Ceremony’ on the Sunday morning of your NWTA, you engaged in a ceremony of integrating the change you experienced in the ceremonies and processes over the weekend, into your life. This involved connecting deeply with the energies of the directions, elements, our relations, your ancestors, your shadows, yourself, and your brothers through expressions such as simple words from your heart, songs, tears, shouts and silence. The ceremonies held moments that allowed you to focus on the Sacred within yourself, and you may recall being asked at the Greeting “do you have anything with you, that you considered, to be Sacred?” Your answer to this question may have changed since then..

These ceremonies, organised and lead by men who, like you, felt called to serve and hold space for ceremony, dedicated their time and their hearts to the ceremonies throughout the weekend. If you feel called to participate in future NWTA ceremonies, we invite you to bring your curiosity, patience and awareness, and approach with an open heart. You are welcome to join the Men Of Below in our journey of discovery in ceremony, approaching it with humility, love, care and connection in our hearts.

If you have any questions, please contact the local MOB Lead man in Queensland: Aaron Thomson –

Whether you have prior experience in ceremonies or not, you are welcome. We will support, accompany, teach, challenge and learn with and from you.

And maybe one-day, you may be the one facilitating the ceremonies for the new brothers.

All you need is an open heart and willingness to be of service.

Blessings, Aaron & the Men Of Below

MKP Warrior Principles


  • I take full responsibility for my life. 
  • My life is my creation.
  • I don’t wait for others to create what is important to me in my life and in my world.
  • I am responsible for my thinking, my feelings, my beliefs, my choices and my actions.
  • I maintain consciousness of my victim and choose to move out of reactive patterns and into proactive and creative behaviours.
  • I take personal leadership in my own life. I am conscious of my impact on others.


  • I choose to discover and fully and passionately live my mission of service. I take personal leadership in creating my vision here on earth.
  • I strongly support and encourage others to do the same.


  • I live in integrity with my mission. My word is my bond.
  • I am who I say I am. I am trustworthy.
  • I know my values and beliefs and live them in the world.
  • I make choices and take action to live my mission and fulfil my commitments. I keep my promises.
  • I do what I say I will do. I walk the talk.
  • I ask for help when I need it. I ask for what I want.
  • I move through my fear. I take risks.


  • I am accountable for my choices and actions, both conscious and unconscious, as well as for their consequences.
  • When I am out of integrity with myself or others, I will be held fiercely and lovingly accountable either by myself or with my brothers’ help.
  • I maintain consciousness and ownership of my feelings and judgments.
  • I ask others to hold themselves accountable when they are out of integrity with their agreements with me and I commit to holding them accountable when they do not.
  • I own my stuff.
  • I question authority.
  • I am not intentionally offensive or abusive.
  • I seek to understand the impact of my choices and actions through honest, effective feedback from others.


  • I openly speak my truth cleanly and clearly. I am sincere and honest.
  • I live from my heart. I am authentic.
  • I speak clearly and directly to men of my perceptions, feelings and judgments.
  • I do not practice “sideways” (passive-aggressive) comments or gossip and I will process others around their intention when I judge that they are doing so.
  • I seek truth and understanding of myself and others.

Email List Protocol

Mankind Project Queensland


Following your NWTA, your supplied email will be added to several lists. Instructions to unsubscribe or change the address to which messages delivered are at the bottom of each email.

MKP community email lists are for initiated MKP warriors’ eyes-only. That means NOT for viewing by partners, friends, work colleagues or anyone who has NOT been through the MKP warrior training. Therefore we ask that only personal email addresses be used not shared email addresses. Remember, we must continually provide a safe container for the men in our community. You may choose to receive every email or a digest, which condenses many emails into 1 daily summary.

Australia-wide Announcements

Every man who completes the NWTA in Australia joins this list. Email will arrive from Email is broadcast only. You will not be able to reply or chat. Look for details within the message for who to contact.

Queensland-wide Announcements

Every man who completes the NWTA in Queensland also joins this list. Email will arrive from Email is broadcast only. You will not be able to reply or chat. Look for details within the message for who to contact.

Australia-wide Chat

Every man who completes the NWTA in Australia joins this list. Email will arrive from

You can post to this list and reply! To send a message to everyone on the community list you simply address it to When you receive a message it will show you who the message is from. In many instances it may be more appropriate to email back to the person rather than the entire list (refer email protocol below). In these instances you simply select Reply, you will notice that only the sender’s email is listed in the ‘To’ box. To respond to the entire list select ‘Reply to All’, you will notice the sender’s and the addresses in the ‘To’ box.

Email Protocol

Email, as a form of communication is actually quite limited and can easily communicate a message different to what was intended by the author. It lacks feeling, visual feedback, body language, eye contact and input from the recipient. With an email list, this problem is exacerbated as you are putting your message to many men of different ages, backgrounds and beliefs. Your views however right they may seem to you at the time will probably have someone who holds different beliefs and values. All men in our community must respect those beliefs and values of other men and remember that in most instances there is not a right or wrong for everyone, it is up to each man to determine what is right for him not what is right for everyone else.

Things to do when emailing to the list:

  • Provide the “data” and keep it simple.
  • Indicate how this data makes you feel (mad, sad, glad, fear, shame)
  • Only send to the list if you believe the whole community needs to see your message. If you have a need to communicate with a man directly on a topic then you can do this straight to his own email without sending it to the whole community
  • Be constructive. If you have a strong opposition to something it’s no good just complaining about it unless you have a suggestion on how to move forward
  • Think things through before you send them. If you are making any judgments, take a moment to reflect on what you are doing and what it is telling you about yourself.

Things to AVOID when emailing the list:

  • Avoid judgments. Every man is entitled to his own beliefs
  • Avoid allowing the reader to determine your feelings, as the chance of him getting it wrong is very high. If you are expressing an opinion, tell us clearly how you are feeling (mad, sad, glad, anger, shame, guilt).
  • Avoid banter. If you find that your emails are filling with questions which may spark more questions then pick up the phone speak with the man you are emailing. It is much quicker than spending hours on emails.
  • If you find that your emails are getting long just trying to communicate your feelings or issues then stop writing and ensure that you are focusing on the “data” only and not going off track.
  • If you have an issue with another man then email is not the right medium to raise it. Either do it face to face or over the phone. Email tends to give people courage to say things they wouldn’t normally say, plus due to the lag in responses an issue can go unresolved for days leaving men with issues festering for a long period and making them seem far worse than they really are.
  • If you see an email discussion getting out of control then remember that everyone in the community is seeing it and this can have a negative impact to all on the list. Do not add to it by emailing the parties involved, as it will just go on for longer. Contact them by phone and ask them to take it offline or bring it to your I-Group.


Importantly, have some fun. This is your community and it is up to every man to make the most of it and enjoy being a part of it.

MKPI Policy on Ethical Relationships

The Ethics Policy that applies to all Regions of MKP International EN/ES/DE/FR 

Adopted by MKPI & MKP USA Councils March 2010. Updated April 2013.

This ethics policy grows out of the core values of The ManKind Project International:  accountability, authenticity, compassion, generosity, integrity, leadership, multicultural awareness, and respect.    I agree to integrate these values into my life by honoring the intent of this document.

I commit that I will not exploit another person’s vulnerability

This means that:

I acknowledge that a relationship may be exploitative when I take advantage of my position or experience within the ManKind Project to influence another for my gain, particularly if I know that person to be vulnerable at the time.  I understand that exploitation may occur at any time, and a person may be more vulnerable to exploitation shortly after initiation.

As an initiated man I commit that I will not participate in any financial, business, therapeutic, or sexual relationship that a reasonable person would consider to be exploitative.

If at any time I believe my actions might be exploitative, or if I have been challenged about my behavior, I will consult those I trust to challenge that behavior and my underlying motivations.

I am accountable for my actions, and I am willing to be held accountable by my Center, Area, Region and the ManKind Project.  If I believe someone has exploited another’s vulnerability, I will hold him accountable.

If a peer review is conducted and I am judged to have exploited another’s vulnerability, I agree that consequences within the ManKind Project Community may be imposed.

As an initiated man I agree to abide by this Policy.

Dissemination of this Policy

This policy will be posted on all ManKind Project Centers, Regions, Area and Community websites, both public and private, and will be regularly distributed by broadcast email.  Each Community will include a copy of this policy in all staff and New Brother Packets.  This policy will be discussed with New Brothers during the Integration Discussion at the end of the NWTA, as well as during any follow-up Integration Training.

The following statement will be included in Participant Releases for all ManKind Project trainings (except the NWTA) and all Staff Applications and Releases: “I have read and agree to abide by the ManKind Project International Ethics Policy.”

Oriah mountain dreamer…

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living

I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare dream of meeting your heart’s longing

It doesn’t interest me how old you are

I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for that adventure of being alive

It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon

I want to know if you have touched the centre of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life’s betrayals or have become shrivelled and closed from fear or further pain

I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide, or fade it or fix it

I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own; if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, be realistic or to remember the limitations of begin human

It doesn’t interest me if the story you’re telling me is true

I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray you own soul

I want to know if you can be faithful and therefore trustworthy

I want to know if you can see the beauty even when it’s not pretty every day and if you can source your life from its presence

I want to know if you can live with failure, mine or your own, and still stand on the edge of a lake and shout to the silver of the full moon “yes”

It doesn’t interest me to know where you live or how much money you have

I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair, weary, and bruised to the bone, and do what needs to be done for the children

It doesn’t interest me who you are or how you came to be here

I want to know if you can stand at the centre of the fire with me and not shrink back

It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied

I want to know what sustains you from the inside, when all else falls away

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments

Iron John
Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm (1786-1859) Grimm – German philologists whose collection “Kinder- und Hausmarchen,” known in English as “Grimm’s Fairy Tales,” is a timeless literary masterpiece. The brothers transcribed these tales directly from folk and fairy stories told to them by common villagers. Iron John (1812) – A rusty iron wild man, held captive by the king, is set free by the king’s young son. The wild man, “Iron John,” repays the youth’s compassion with many great favours and later reveals his true identity.


Once upon a time there lived a King who had a great forest near his palace, full of all kinds of wild animals. One day he sent out a huntsman to shoot him a deer, but he did not come back. “Perhaps some accident has befallen him,” said the King, and the next day he sent out two more huntsmen who were to search for him, but they too stayed away. Then on the third day, he sent for all his huntsmen, and said, “Search through the whole forest and do not give up until you have found all three hunters.” But these hunters and their dogs didn’t come back either. From that time onwards no one was allowed to enter the forest and it lay there in deep stillness and solitude. Only now and then an eagle or a hawk flew over it.

This situation lasted for many years, and then one day a strange hunter announced himself to the King as someone looking for work, and offered to go into the dangerous forest. The King, however, would not give his consent, and said, “It is not safe in there; I fear you would end up like the others and you would never come out again.” The huntsman replied, “Lord, I will venture into it at my own risk; I have no fear.” The huntsman then went with his dog to the forest. It was not long before the dog picked up a scent; but hardly had the dog run two steps when it stood before a deep pool and couldn’t go any further. A naked arm reached out of the water, seized the dog and drew it under. 

When the huntsman saw that, he went back to the castle and fetched three men to come with buckets and bail out the water. When they got to the bottom, they saw a wild man whose body was brown like rusty iron, and whose hair hung over his face down to his knees. They bound him with rope and took him to the castle. 

There was great astonishment over the wild man. The King, however, had him locked in an iron cage in his courtyard, and forbade the door to be opened on pain of death, and the Queen was to take the key into her safe keeping. Once that had been done every one could go back safely into the forest.

The King had an eight year old son and one day, while he was playing in the courtyard, his golden ball fell into the cage. The boy said, “Give me my ball.” “Not until you have opened the door for me,” answered the man. “No,” said the boy, “I will not do that; the King has forbidden it,” and he ran away. The next day the boy returned and asked for his ball again. The wild man said, “Open my door,” but the boy would not. On the third day the King had ridden out hunting and the boy went once more and said, “I cannot open the door even if I wished because I don’t have the key.” Then the wild man said, “It lies under your mother’s pillow, you can get it there.” The boy, who wanted to have his ball back, cast all caution to the winds, went into the castle and got the key. The door opened with difficulty and the boy pinched his finger. When it was open the wild man stepped out, gave him the golden ball and hurried away. 

The boy suddenly became afraid and cried after him, “Wild Man, don’t go away, or I shall be beaten!” The wild man turned back, lifted the boy onto his shoulder, and went quickly into the forest.

When the King came home, he observed the empty cage, and asked the Queen how that had happened. She knew nothing about it, and sought the key, but it was gone. She called the boy, but no one answered. The King sent out people to look for him in the fields but they did not find him. The King guessed what had happened and much grief reigned in the royal court.

When the wild man had once more reached the dark forest, he took the boy down from his shoulder, and said to him, “You will never see your father and mother again, but I will keep you with me, for you have set me free, and I have compassion for you. If you do all I ask then you will prosper. I have treasure and gold, more than anyone in the world.” He made a bed of moss for the boy on which he slept, and the next morning the man took him to a well and said, “Behold, the water is as bright and clear as crystal. I want you to sit beside it and make sure nothing falls into it or it will be polluted. I will come every evening to see if you have obeyed my order.” The boy placed himself at the edge of the well and often saw a golden fish or a golden snake show itself and he took care that nothing fell in. As he was sitting, the boy’s finger hurt so he put it in the water. He drew it quickly out again but saw that it was covered in gold, and whatever he did he couldn’t wash the gold off again.

In the evening Iron John came back, looked at the boy, and said, “What has happened to the well?” “Nothing, nothing,” he answered, and held his finger behind his back so it couldn’t be seen. But Iron John said, “You have dipped your finger into the water; this time I will let the incident pass, but take from now on that you don’t let anything go in.” By daybreak the boy was already sitting by the well and watching it.

His finger hurt him again and he passed it over his head, and then unhappily a hair fell down into the well. He took it quickly out, but it was already golden. Iron John came, and already knew what had happened. “You let a hair fall into the well,” he said. “I will allow you to watch by the well once more, but if this happens for the third time then the well is polluted, and you can no longer remain with me.” On the third day, the boy sat by the well, and did not stir his finger no matter how much it hurt him. But time passed slowly and he looked at the reflection of his face on the surface of the water. As he bent down more and more trying to look straight into his eyes, his long hair fell down from his shoulders into the water. He raised himself up quickly, but his hair was already golden and shone like the sun. You may imagine how terrified the poor boy was! He took his handkerchief and tied it round his head in order that Iron John might not see it.

When Iron John returned, he knew everything and said, “Take the handkerchief off. ” Then the golden hair fell down and the boy tried to explain but it was of no use. “You have not passed the trial and can’t stay here any longer. Go into the world, and there you will learn what poverty is. Yet, because you don’t have a bad heart, and as I mean well by you, there is one thing I will grant you; if you fall into any difficulty, come to the forest and cry, ‘Iron John,’ and then I will come and help you. My power is great, greater than you think, and I have gold and silver in abundance.” Then the King’s son left the forest, and walked by beaten and unbeaten paths until he reached a great city. There he looked for work, but couldn’t find any, and he had no skills to look after himself. Eventually he went to the palace, and asked if they would take him in. The people of the court didn’t know what to make of him, but they liked him, and told him to stay. The cook took him into his service, and told him to carry food and water, and keep the kitchen clean. Once when no one else was available, the cook ordered him to carry the food to the royal table, but as he did not like to let his golden hair be seen, he kept his little cap on. The King noticed the boy wearing the hat and said, “When you come to the royal table you must take your hat off.” He answered, ” Ah, Lord, I cannot; I have a bad sore on my head.” Then the King had the cook called before him and scolded him, and asked how he could take such a boy as that into his service, and that he was to turn him away at once. The cook, however, had pity on the boy, and exchanged him for the gardener’s boy.

Now the boy had to plant and water the garden, hoe and dig, and endure all sorts of weather. Once in summer when he was working alone in the garden, the day was so warm he took his little cap off to cool down. As the sun shone on his hair the rays fell into the bedroom of the King’s daughter, and up she sprang to see what that could be. Then she saw the boy she called out for him to bring her some flowers. He put his cap on, gathered wild field flowers and bound them together. When he was ascending the stairs with them, the gardener met him, and said, “You can’t take the King’s daughter a garland of common flowers! Go quickly, and get another, and seek out the prettiest and rarest.” “Oh, no,’ replied the boy, “the wild ones have more scent, and will please her better.” When he got into the room, the King’s daughter said, “Take your cap off, it is not polite to keep it on in my presence.’ He again said, “I can’t, I have a sore head.” She, however, pulled his cap off, and then his golden hair rolled down on his shoulders, and it was splendid to see. He wanted to run out, but she held him by the arm, and gave him a handful of coins. With these he departed, but he cared nothing for the gold pieces. He took them to the gardener, and said, “Give the coins to your children to play with.” The following day the King’s daughter called for more wild flowers, and when he went in with them she instantly snatched at his cap and wanted to take it away from him, but he held it tight with both hands. She again gave him a handful of coins, but he would not keep them, and gave them to the gardener for playthings for his children. On the third day things went just the same; she could not get his cap away from him, and he would not have her money. 

Not long afterwards, the country was overrun by war. The King gathered together his people, and did not know whether or not he could beat the enemy that was superior in strength and numbers. Then the boy said, “I am grown up, and will go to the war if you give me a horse.”

The others laughed, and said, “Get a horse for yourself when we are gone, we will leave one behind us in the stable for you.” When they left, he went into the stable and got the horse out. It was lame, nevertheless he mounted it, and rode away to the dark forest. When he came to the outskirts, he called “Iron John” three times so loudly that it echoed through the trees. The wild man appeared immediately and said, “What do you desire?” “I want a strong horse because I am going to the war.” “A strong horse you will have, and still more than you asked for.”

Then the wild man went back into the forest, and it was not long before a stable-boy came out of it, who led a horse that snorted with its nostrils, and could hardly be restrained, and behind them followed a great troop of soldiers entirely equipped in iron, and their swords flashed in the sun. The youth handed over his lame horse to the stable-boy, mounted the other, and rode at the head of the soldiers. When he got near the battlefield a great part of the King’s men had already fallen, and the rest were almost defeated.

Then the youth galloped with his iron soldiers over the enemy, and beat down all who opposed him. They began to fly, but the youth pursued, and never stopped until there was not a single man left. Instead of returning to the King, he took his troop back to the forest and called for Iron John. “What do you desire?” asked the wild man. “Take back your horse and troops and give me my lame horse again.” All that he asked was done, and soon he was riding on his lame horse.

When the King returned to his palace, his daughter went to meet him, and wished him joy of his victory. “I am not the one who carried away the victory. It was a knight who came to my assistance with his soldiers.” The daughter wanted to hear who the strange knight was but the King did not know, and said, “He followed the enemy and I did not see him again.” She asked the gardener where his boy was, but he smiled, and said, “He has just come home on his lame horse, and the others have been mocking him. They asked, “Under what tree have you been sleeping?” The youth, however, said, ‘I did the best of all, and it would have gone badly without me.’ And everyone ridiculed him even more. The King said to his daughter, “I will proclaim a great feast that will last for three days, and you will throw a golden apple. Perhaps the unknown knight will come to the feast.”

When the feast was announced, the youth went out to the forest, and called Iron John. “What do you desire?” he asked. “That I am able to catch the King’s daughter’s golden apple at the feast”. “It is as if you have it already!” said Iron John. “You will also have a suit of red armour for the occasion, and ride on a spirited chestnut horse.” 

When the day came, the youth galloped to the spot, took his place among the knights, and was recognized by no one. The King’s daughter came forward and threw a golden apple to the knights. The boy caught the apple and he galloped away quickly.

On the second day of the feast Iron John equipped him as a white knight, and gave him a white horse. Again he was the only one who caught the apple, and he rushed off quickly with it. The King grew angry, and said, “That is not allowed; he must appear before me and tell his name.” He gave the order that if the knight who caught the apple should go away again they should chase him, and if he did not come back willingly, they were to cut him down and stab him.

On the third day, he received from Iron John a suit of black armour and a black horse, and again he caught the apple. But when he was riding off with it the King’s attendants chased him, and one of them got so close that he wounded the youth’s leg with the point of his sword. The youth nevertheless escaped from them, but his horse leapt so violently that the helmet fell from the youth’s head, and they could see that he had golden hair. They rode back and announced this to the King.

The following day the King’s daughter asked the gardener about his boy. “He is at work in the garden. He has been at the festival too and only came home yesterday evening. He has shown my children three golden apples which he has won. ” The King had him summoned into his presence, and he came and again had his little cap on his head. But the King’s daughter went up to him and took it off, and then his golden hair fell down over his shoulders, and he was so handsome that all were amazed. “Are you the knight who came every day to the festival, always in different colours, and who caught the three golden apples?” asked the King. “Yes,” he answered, “and here are the apples.” He took them out of his pocket and returned them to the King. “If you want further proof I will show you the wound that your people gave me when they followed me. But even so, I am the knight who helped you beat your enemies. “If you can perform such deeds as that, you are no gardener’s boy; tell me, who is your father?” “My father is a mighty King, and I have as much gold as I require.” “I see,” said the King, “that I owe you thanks; can I do anything to please you?” “Yes you can. Give me your daughter to marry.” The maiden laughed and said, “He doesn’t stand much on ceremony, but I have already seen by his golden hair that he was no gardener’s boy,” and then she went and kissed him. The father and mother of the youth came to the wedding and were very happy for they had given up all hope of ever seeing their dear son again.

As they were sitting at the marriage feast, the music suddenly stopped, the doors opened, and a stately King came in with a great entourage. He went up to the youth, embraced him and said, “I am Iron John, who was turned into a wild man by an enchantment. You have set me free from the spell and all the treasures that I own will from now on belong to you.”