Online Open Men’s Group Participant Registration

Welcome to the MKPQLD Virtual Men’s Group
If you have arrived here, you have been referred by an initiated man or you have heard about us by word of mouth, whichever way you are most welcome.

We are pleased you have chosen to attend this Virtual Men’s Group (VMG).

This VMG is offered to men from remote and Rural areas in Queensland, around Australia as well as Internationally.

We have men visit intermittently due to many varied reasons (work/FIFO/travel etc.) and we have a stable group of trained men, holding safe the space for men to share whenever they arrive.

Please complete the document below, as this allows us to ensure every man is known to the group and can be supported/contacted IF required.

Feel free to become part of this special group of men doing their “work” online.

Once you complete this document you will receive the login details of this Virtual Men’s Group by return email.

Thank you and we look forward to being part of your journey in these challenging times!

Thank You!

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