Expanding our services throughout Queensland.

At a recent planning session held to discuss the future of our organisation it was decided by the men of the community to expand our reach into Rural Queensland. 

The awareness by MKPQLD Members of the devastating effect of the droughts and consuming fires that have changed so many people’s lives over the past five years is the motivation to look at these possible changes to who we are and what we offer the community.

As an essentially larger city-based organisation the discussion centred around just what do we need to do to reach-out and support these men, women and families out in the bush who are doing it tough!

From many ideas came one very focused and achievable idea and that was to build a Trailer (similar to the one above), one big enough to hold all our materials needed to put on a “BushTraining”. 

Ideally, the idea of creating two trailers was discussed where we could create another “Food Trailer” to provide food for the people and staff as we arrived into a town. This would relieve the pressure on an already stressed community to provide food and sustenance to the men and staff on the training. 

We have designed the trailers and found people to build them. All we need is Community financial support to build them!

This project WILL SAVE LIVES so please consider how you can help support this insightful project.

Obviously, these ideas require funding and to that end it was decided to apply for Grants and to ask for public support to fund these ambitious plans.

To date we have raised $3200 from donations and we have been approved for a Grant from the Dick Smith Foundation for $15,000. This Grant is conditional upon us matching the $15,000. Such a great incentive!!

So we have a challenge and we are sure with everyone’s help we will reach our target. If it is that you can personally help financially please go to our Donation page and give whatever you can – the old saying is true… EVERY little bit helps.

We also ask that if anyone reading this post can help facilitate access to a funding source please make contact with our Administrator via this link… admin.qld@mankindproject.org.au 

Also if you are or know someone who can help us build these trailers please make contact as this is where we can reduce costs and get these trailers built as soon as possible.

We have already obtained some quotes for the trailers and even with the companies offering reduced costs they will be an expensive part of our project.

Again we are really keen for this project to be ready to go by late to end 2020 with full focus on delivering our Trainings in 2021.

You can make a difference and we ask that if everyone made the effort, we can make this happen. 

As an example – If every man who went through the NWTA Training in Queensland paid $100 towards this project we would build the two trailers!!

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