After the training

No weekend workshop is a fix-all. What we do expect to see is that perhaps a crack will be opened in the armour that you have hid behind for many years, maybe there is a shield that you can finally put down and let others in. The awakening that results from The Adventure can be very powerful and sometimes confronting and confusing.


PIT/LIFE-SKILLS Intensive Weekend

For the past 8-10 years, MKPQLD has conducted a Personal Integration Training (PIT) and Life-Skill Weekend that is unique to Queensland.

Integrating key MKP protocol awareness, while providing men deep understanding and insights into such areas as Archetypes, the Man-Switch and the Natural Order.

This Unique training is held usually held two to three weeks AFTER your NWTA training.

If a man cannot attend the PIT following his weekend, he is able to come back and do his PIT/Life-Skills Intensive Weekend after any training following his Adventure Weekend.


Men’s Circles

The awakening that results from the weekend adventure in most cases is very powerful. The ongoing growth in self-awareness and empowerment that can come from the weekend is ALWAYS enhanced by you participating in ongoing men’s circles called Integration Groups (I-Group). These I-Groups are the most compelling reason that many of us took the training to begin with.

After the Adventure, you will be invited to participate in one of these I-Groups close to where you live.

You will also be invited to join the Global Community of men that is the ManKind Project. Within MKP you can participate in advanced leadership and skill trainings, learn facilitation skills and participate as staff at any of our trainings in Australia and around the World.

You will also find within our ranks a wider community of men, women, families and organisations dedicated to making the world a better, safer, more alive place through missions of service.