What to expect

From arrival on Friday to departure on Sunday, you will not have access to cars, computers or phones, except for emergencies. The training is designed to help you step out of your ‘ordinary’ life into an ‘extra-ordinary’ space, from where you will be able to see yourself and your life with greater clarity. You are asked to organise your life so you can be fully engaged in the training for its entire duration, without any outside distractions. This dedicated focus is part of what makes the training so powerful.

There are some outside activities so you should bring clothing that will keep you dry and warm. You should bring a sleeping bag that would keep you warm if you were camping at that time of year. You should bring one pair of shoes for outside use, one for indoor use. Pack light. You are going to be far too busy to even read a newspaper.

This training does not involve any assault courses or military-style training. Macho or violent behaviour will not be tolerated. There will be no alcohol, caffeine or smoking (patches available) for the entire weekend. For part of the course, the choice of food is limited to keep men alert. Any man with a medical condition will be closely monitored by a medic who is present for the entire training.