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The Mankind Project Queensland





The Mankind Project Queensland is one community along with five others within Australia.
Together, we are a part of 22+ nations globally.

Men's Groups

Free Confidential Peer Facilitated Support Groups for Men located all over the state of Queensland.
Men mentoring men through all the passages of their lives.


MKP Qld has conducted over 56 New Warrior Trainings to date.
Held three times a year in our retreat centre in the Gold Coast Hinterland with plans to take the training to other areas of the State.

New Warriors

Over 1500 men have taken the journey with MKP Queensland. The New Warrior Training Adventure – a transformational personal growth experience like no other. 

Who Are We?

We are the Queensland community of The Mankind Project Australia, the Australian arm of The Mankind Project International (MKP), being active in 22+ nations around the world.

The ManKind Project empowers men to missions of service, supporting men to make a difference in the lives of others.
We support men through weekly local Men’s Groups and through our flagship retreat, The New Warrior Training Adventure.

  • Local men’s groups located around the State of Queensland.
  • Non-Religious – Men of all faiths and no faith are welcome.
  • Inclusive – Men of all backgrounds, orientations, ages, and abilities are welcome.

Become a Member of MKP Queensland


Come join a band of Brothers and help us build Queensland.

Contributing Members receive:

  • The monthly MKP Qld “Queenslander!” newsletter (Released in July 2020).
  • An MKP window decal for your car.
  • A set of New Warrior Training Adventure cards.
  • Discounts on On-Line training Programs.
  • Access to our Members Resource Directory.
  • The knowledge that you are part of a movement to create a new way of being for men.
  • Access to a fully searchable members directory of services and professions
  • Exclusive content reserved only for our members.

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Why Membership?

Why Membership?

MKP Qld – and MKP around the world – is about belonging to a band of brothers, all with the one...

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Help Us to Support Queenslanders


An Investment in Healthy Manhood is an Investment in Healthy Families and Communities.

By supporting the ManKind Project Queensland you are helping us build safer and supported communities of men throughout this great State.

We have been here for twenty years and now it’s time to support our men’s families and children in rural Queensland.

Your donation goes directly to helping men in the rural areas of Queensland.

We are committed to reducing Domestic Violence and Suicide and improving Mental Health in rural Queensland.

We can make Queensland a safer place for Queenslanders – we simply need financial support to get it done – we have proven over twenty years, that we know how.

So, help us make Rural Queensland a better place for men to step up, take responsibility and create safe towns and communities for women and children to feel safe in.

The ManKind Project is supported by men and women who are dedicated to creating a more vibrant, caring and safe world for our children to grow up in!

Please support us here.

Thank you.