MKP Qld – and MKP around the world – is about belonging to a band of brothers, all with the one focus/passion in mind – “Men Supporting Men by changing the world one man at a time” 

To that end MKPQLD have created a membership-based organisation focused on growing Queensland.

Your membership is vital to our ability to grow this amazing organisation throughout Queensland. Your membership of $20/yr has been kept low to ensure all men are included. 

This membership provides you with access to our “Members Area” on this website and to many other benefits as we grow MKPQLD.

This one action gives you an opportunity in a small way to support and offer some small “payback” for the benefits you have gained to date by belonging to this band of brothers.

Ask not “what can this organisation do for you… ask what can I do for this organisation” if we all adopt this outlook MKPQLD will expand into every area of Queensland that needs the support of mature focused and supportive men.

Pay your membership here, put your hand up to support the organisation in some small way. 

If we all do that, we can all be assured more men and their families will benefit from our foresight.






















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