Elder Circle

Eldership within the MKP Australia organisation consists of a solid band of men intent on ensuring a strong connection to the Path of Eldership within the Australian community.

Eldership, as was seen a few generations back in many indigenous tribes to provide support and wisdom, is a connection to spirit and a connection to Community.

MKP Australia has ensured that there is a strong path to eldership and a support structure for the young men of our communities that ensures a connection to that elder wisdom.


Ritual Elders

MKP provides Ritual Elders, men who have been Nationally and Internationally Certified to hold ritual space on the NWTA weekends. They also hold a senior position within the Leader Teams of all NWTA trainings to ensure that there is a connection to spirit within the leader team, plus they are entrusted to be able to support and emotionally protect the leaders of these NWTA weekends.

MKPQLD has a very strong group of men dedicated to the Elder Path.

The journey to Eldership happens within a man as he progresses through life and generally, he starts to look at a different way of being around 50 years of age.

Our organisation provides men the opportunity to explore this glorious realm of awareness within the organisation and communities.


Declared Elder

A man can decide to become a “Declared Elder” whenever he sees/feels that he is committed to the organisation and to the young men of the organisation.

This can be in the form of attending Men’s Circles/I-Groups to ensure there is an elder presence. It can be by holding space on any of the many leadership trainings and it is most welcome on the NWTA’s.

A “Ritual Elder in Training” is an opportunity for a man to step onto the path of Ritual Elder.  A Declared Elder has the opportunity to step into these roles once he has settled into the role of Eldership within himself and his community.

MKP holds dear the Elders of our community.  The role of Elder needs to be brought back into the community psyche for our young men to feel the support of Eldership, the boundaries they set and have the opportunity to listen to the wisdom of the ages.

A wonderful story shared by a very wise senior Ritual Elder goes like this…

“The role of Eldership in a balanced Community is seen when the older men of the tribe/community create a community space (or circle) for the younger men to burn their passion and wildness on the “Hearth” of the community.”

When this is in place the community is balanced and the young men feel safe.  “When there are no Elders just old men, and hence no support, minimal boundaries set and no stories of their heritage and culture, the young men will burn the community down”.

Seems we are seeing these types of behaviours throughout our societies in Australia and around the world and, where there is good Elder representation there is usually a “safe” or safer community.

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