MKP Australia

In September 2000 MKPUSA granted Australia the licence to run the Mankind Project trainings. This gave the men of Australia a unique opportunity to create at that time one of the very few not-for-profit men’s organisations running specific men’s only trainings in Australia. 

In November 2000 the first training was conducted in Australia at a place called Eagle Heights on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland.

The training had 31 Initiates and 34 Staff – 32 of the staff men paid their own airfares and expenses and flew in from the USA, Canada, Ireland and South Africa just to staff the first training in Australia. 

Following that training four trainings were held in 2001 with great success and the organisation called MKP Australia was born! 

Move on 20 years and 3500 plus men have completed the training program/s and the organisation Mankind Project Australia is well represented on the East and West Coast of this great Southern land.  

There are many Men’s support groups meeting weekly scattered everywhere throughout the land – men supporting men! 

National Structure: 

MKP Australia Limited is a public company that holds the Australian rights to conduct all MKP International trainings in Australia. 

As the organisation grew it was realised that a top-down structure did not serve the communities across Australia. 

It was decided to issue licenses to the various organisations in New South WalesVictoria, Western Australia and Queensland, to conduct the business of running their own organisations within their own legal boundaries. 

These licences have all been taken up with separate regions running their own communities to suit their own cultural aspirations and yet hold true to the MKP International training agreements. 

The MKP Australian organisational structure today is represented by the elected Board of the company MKP Australia Limited (MKPAL) consisting of Board members holding various roles as it conducts the business of the Company (licensing/insurances/compliance/international relationships etc.).

The change in the structure to licensing of the Regions has seen a dramatically reduced role of the Board in the day to day operations of the communities around Australia. 

Another add-on structure that supports the communities is what is known as the Brotherhood Council.  This structure allows the various communities to share and discuss the variances experienced within their regions and a place where all men and regions are heard. 

MKPAL is a member of the world organisation and has an input into the future of the world organisation as it expands the work of those original men back in 1985. 

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