Why we do it

For millennia, older men have initiated younger men into Mature Masculinity.

In contemporary life, most men do not receive any such mentoring. The result? Men feel alone, estranged from themselves and others, disconnected from meaning in their lives.

We see the results all around us in the form of relationship problems, workaholism, alcohol abuse, violence and conflict in the home and at work.

Often, men suffer in silence because men are supposed to soldier on. Most do and yet nearly 80% of suicide victims are male.

The ManKind Project has supported thousands of men in developing their emotional intelligence and finding a personal mission so that they can live more wholesome and purposeful lives. It’s a modern attempt to fill the gap left by the mentors and the elders who used to play such a valuable role in men’s lives.

There is no longer a need for men to lead lives of quiet desperation. Many men who have done our trainings stay actively involved in the community to help other men out of gratitude for the gift they got.

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