What we do – Overview 2020

We provide a range of time-honoured learning experiences and a network of support. 

Men come to the ManKind Project either because they want to change something or because they feel something is missing in their lives. 

The first training every person takes is our Rite-of-Passage training. The New Warrior Training Adventure is a stand-alone, long-weekend training which offers individuals the chance to face and overcome their biggest fears. 

It also equips individuals with the personal tools to benefit from other trainings we offer. These include a range of other trainings designed to empower men in their leadership of themselves and others. 

Men may also choose to join one of the many local men’s circles throughout Australia, participate in the online community, or come back and staff the trainings they themselves benefited from.

Membership of this world-wide organisation provides an opportunity to staff our trainings anywhere around the world. The New Warrior Training Adventure is conducted by each region around the world and in essence, is the same training no matter where men staff.

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