Male Initiation

The ManKind Project has created a modern initiation for men. In almost every global indigenous culture, rites of passage taught boys how to be men and become productive members of the ‘tribe’. Often these experiences were harrowing and physically painful. These days, that old kind of initiation is no longer appropriate, safe, or useful (though dangerous initiations are still occurring in gangs, fraternities and adolescent acts of rebellion).

The modern initiation is safe, non-shaming and focused on the problems that face men in the 21st century. We conduct a “Rites of Passage” for all men because we believe it is absolutely necessary for a man to learn in an unequivocal way, what he is capable of, why he is here and how to engage fully in his life 

We believe that our indigenous brothers of this land are the initiators of men within their culture. Our diverse multi-culture does not have one form of initiation so we choose to provide a “Rites Of Passage” and allow each man to “Initiate” himself into a “New Way of Being a Man”. 

If you are ready to answer these questions, The Adventure might be for you.

With this knowledge, a modern man is freed to make choices, take risks and assume full responsibility for his life. This is not a hazing ritual or an entrance to a secret organisation.  This is a challenging 48 hour experience that will likely have life-changing effects. Not every man is ready for our training, but every man can gain something when he is willing to take that step.  

Our training may have aspects of other workshops you have experienced, but the power of completing the “Rites of Passage” we provide has proven to allow the initiation process to be the ultimate challenge for many thousands of men around the world 

This is not a spa, not a retreat, not a weekend getaway.  It is an entry point into a new way of being you.